Powdered Floor Treatment A810-U

Overview Powdered Floor Treatment - A810U listed granular cationic surfactant/urea floor deodorizer & treatment. Intended for use in meat, poultry, dairy, and food processing establishments, A810U is an effective odor control agent in moist environments.

  • Non corrosive to process equipment.

  • Use less, lasts longer than foam

  • Keeps floors dry.

  • Safer to use than foot baths.

  • Biodegradable.

  • Free flowing for easy application.

  • High levels of Quat.

  • Ideal for high traffic floors.

  • Does not contain citric or lactic acids that attack concrete floors.

Manufactured from a special low dust process, Powdered Floor Treatment - A810U is ideal for broadcast application with an economical 20 pounds per 7,500 square feet recommended coverage. Easy to identify light blue/green color clearly identifies this product as a non-food ingredient for use in USDA inspected facilities. Phosphorus free, A810U granules crush easily to release odor control ingredients and readily rinse cleanly into floor drains. Use A810U wherever odor control can be a problem, such as commercial kitchens, trash and dumpster areas, loading docks and food processing floors and handling areas. A810U does not require water to activate.

Case Study


Pet Food Product Manufacturer


Required product to help control salmonella without using water; needed non-irritant for employees that would stay in place.


Supply Sanitation Systems pioneered proprietary floor treatment products in various applications to help control salmonella and also be non-irritating to employees; formulation was developed so that it would not travel airborne thus making it effective and cost-efficient to plant.