Quaternary Sanitizers

  • Our 5th generation quaternary ammonium based sanitizers are designed to be applied to food contact surfaces at 400 parts per million without rinsing.

  • The 2 main types of quaternary ammonium based sanitizers are acid quaternary ammonium sanitizer and 5th generation quaternary ammonium sanitizer. The main difference in the 2 types of sanitizers is the pH. The acid quat sanitizer has a low pH (from 1 to 4) and the 5th generation quaternary ammonium sanitizer has a near neutral pH (from 7 to 9).

  • Supply Sanitation Systems also produces several other quat based products such as CRS Quat rings, Gel It Quat Gel and A-810 U Quat based floor treatment powder. These products provide a 10,000 parts per million impenetrable micro barrier for environmental areas such as drains, curbs, walls and floors.