Cleaning doesn’t stop at the plant equipment

IMG_5202Are you experiencing high micro counts but can’t figure out exactly why? When was the last time your sanitation team cleaned their own rain suits, hoses, and other Personal Protective Equipment?

Even though employees are wearing these suits while they are cleaning equipment, unfortunately this doesn’t mean they will get clean on their own. Twice daily rain suit cleaning, both before and after a shift, is an imperative food safety step in any sanitation program. But it doesn’t stop there! Ensure that your sanitors are also wiping down their safety helmets and  glasses daily with alcohol. Once PPE has been cleaned at the end of each shift, it’s also important that equipment be stored in a dry place. It is critical to hang rain suits so they can dry properly in order to prevent unwanted mold or bacteria growth.

IMG_5192Let’s not forget about our hoses either! Hoses are constantly dragged on the floor and can become ideal harborage points. At the end of each shift have a sanitor clean each hose while rolling it up for storage.

Adding these steps to your food safety program will ensure that your Personal Protective Equipment and hoses are held to appropriate standards.

Our teams are standing by ready to assist you in your sanitation needs. Check out our website for information on how we can help your plant improve sanitation standards.

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