Detergents Can Make Clean Cleaner?

Foaming Equipment

Thee are many detergents today on the market. Many factors determine which detergent will work the best with different soils. We discuss some of these factors and how they affect cleaning. Continue reading

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USDA: Nearly 30% of food processing drains test positive for listeria

Our 5 step drain-cleaning process.

Typical drains in food processing environments require specific sanitation. At S3 Sanitation Cleaning we are actively involved each day in cleaning all types of food plants. In order to maintain a consistent drain program, we have found that the following simple … Continue reading

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Health Inspectors Are Watching You Wash Your Hands!

hand washing

Improper Hand Hygiene Is a Critical Inspection Violation! Local and county health departments conduct local inspections of restaurants, cafeterias, and grocery stores, relying on the FDA Food Code for guidance.  The FDA emphasizes the importance of hand hygiene and states in … Continue reading

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How to Track Down an Elusive Bacteria Hideout!

Bacteria harborage in mixer

Sometimes bacteria issues require a thorough investigation much like solving a crime to find the bacteria hideout!  We were having an issue with bacteria counts at one of our customers.  We determined that it was coming from a mixer by … Continue reading

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Outsourcing? Consider contract cleaning! | S3 Contract Cleaning

Consider contract cleaning for your sanitation needs. Continue reading

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