Sanitation Costs, Are Yours Hidden?

Hidden sanitation costs

Visibility – while it is easy to identify food sanitation chemical prices and supplies, this approach carries a false assumption; see example to the right.

Items below the waterline represent additional factors of the total cost structure of the Sanitation Department’s operating expense in the
food manufacturing facility of which most employees are unaware.

Sanitation Labor Cost

Our experience as a provider of chemicals and contract cleaning in food plants has provided us with specific knowledge and financial detail so that we can help you understand your true sanitation costs and methods to manage and improve your bottom line.

We are experiencing a tremendous growth in outsourcing sanitation because of our expertise in food plant sanitation and because of increased scrutiny from third parties, such as auditors and USDA. Additionally, outsourcing your sanitation crew allows your food plant facility to budget fixed monthly sanitation costs for your cleaning operations.

For our FREE complete list of “below the waterline” items that effect your total cost structure of your sanitation department, email us or leave a comment below.

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