Getting Rid of Listeria in Your Drains

Drains in food production facilities are the most common location that Listeria can be found. A study done by the USDA/FSIS found that 30% of drains in food and beverage production facilities tested positive for Listeria. For this reason it is necessary to clean the drains on a regular schedule.

Trough drains:

1. If possible, remove trough cover/grating and apply foam to the entire length, depth, and the surrounding floor area (approx 12″). If the cover is not removable, the use of a trench drain foaming attachment is recommended.

Drain Foaming to get rid of Listeria

Trough Drain Foaming Attachment

The foam consistency should be very thick, similar to shaving cream texture. Allow approximately 30 minutes of dwell time for optimal results.

2. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. It is critical that all surfaces that have been cleaned must be fully and thoroughly rinsed to optimize the performance of the sanitizer. A surface that is not properly rinsed will negatively impact ATP swab readings.

3. As a final step, apply an oxidizing-based disinfectant / sanitizer at a minimum of 400-500 ppm. The use of an oxidizing-based product when properly used is critical to achieve a proper kill step.

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