¡Cómo Detectar Los Albergues de las Bacterias Elusivas!

Cómo localizar escondites bacterias y eliminarlas mediante el uso de técnicas de investigación cuidadosos y metódicos. Continue reading

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En Nuestro Mundo Nos Encotramos Con Artículos Sorpresivamente “Sucios”

cell phones

Your cell phone is much dirtier than some everyday items in your home. Continue reading

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¡Bacterias en su Jabón de Manos!

cartridge type soap dispenser

The hand soap you use to clean your hands may actually be adding bacteria to them! Recent studies have shown that some types of hand soap dispensers in public restrooms can support bacterial growth. In this blog we discuss how to avoid this. Continue reading

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¿Qué Prefiere Usar? Las Toallas de Papel o Las Secadoras de Aire

single use paper towel dispenser

This discussion covers several studies that tell the frequency of hand washing. It also discusses sanitary methods of drying your hands after washing them and which ones are the best | Supply Sanitation Systems Continue reading

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Tiene Usted Un Plan Contra Los Alérgenos?


Food allergens are involved in recalls more and more commonly. We examine some common causes and preventative steps here. Continue reading

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