Don’t Let Bearing and Friction Grease Contaminate your Food

Bearing grease and friction grease (metal rubbing on Teflon or plastic conveyors) is a major cause of product contamination in food facilities. It’s generally discovered during pre-op inspection where the white conveyor has run and tracked the grease around the outer edge.

When friction grease is found during pre-op, you’ll be forced to wash and rescrub the conveyor, which won’t make the USDA inspector very happy and will most likely guarantee  a non-compliance report for your facility.overgreased bearing

Bearing and friction grease can also affect food production in other ways. I’m sure this one has happened to many of you. During operations,  you discover that grease from a wheel bearing has been strewn across a product conveyor causing black grease to get on your product. To avoid contamination, you stop the line and break out the scrubbing pads and hot water to clean the bearing grease from the conveyor as quickly as possible. Not fun for anyone involved.

An easy solution to the friction problem is a great product called Slick 80. You simply spray this anti microbial lube on the friction grease or black wheel bearing grease and then wipe the black spots off with a clean chlorine or quat wipe. Slick 80:

  • Eliminates the need to scrub and wash, except during sanitation cleanup.
  • Works great at removing friction grease, black bearing grease and shackle grease.
  • Contains Anti Microbial additives & is environmentally friendly.
  • Meets the FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (b) and USDA/NSF H1 and 3H food processing lubricant standards.

Slick 80 is also approved for incidental product contact. And it’s easy to use with a hand held trigger spray bottle – spray Slick 80 on black grease and see how easily it wipes away.

To learn more about Slick 80, give us a call at Supply Sanitation Systems today.


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