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Cleaning doesn’t stop at the plant equipment


Are you experiencing high micro counts but can’t figure out exactly why? When was the last time your sanitation team cleaned their own rain suits, hoses, and other Personal Protective Equipment? Even though employees are wearing these suits while they are … Continue reading

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Do You Get False Positives?


Every day more and more professionals are asking about false positives as it relates to food processing. We have often been asked the question “Do high levels of quaternary ammonium based products support the growth of Listeria spp?” and “Could the quaternary … Continue reading

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Benefits of Intensified Cleaning

Are you only performing intensified cleaning on your equipment when you pop a positive? Then you’re doing it wrong! At S3 Sanitation Cleaning we encourage all of our customers to place all equipment on an intensified cleaning and fogging rotational schedule. Requiring all … Continue reading

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Are You Growing Mold?


Control and Prevent Mold in Your Food Processing Plant Using the proper chemicals to clean and sanitize is the best way to control mold in your food processing plant. A few tips to keep in mind include: Use a good … Continue reading

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